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Those who set no sail

Will ever drift through life

Discover Jesus

No one wants to drift aimlessly through life, but so often that’s exactly what we end up doing. Without having a clear purpose for our lives, it’s hard to define a clear direction. And sometime it’s┬áhard to know what our purpose is.

Everything that was ever made was made with a purpose. Including us. God created us, and that means we all have value and purpose in life. And it is God that defines our purpose–and it is awesome.

The Discover Jesus course is designed to help discover this sense of purpose in life. It is focused on God as our Creator and explores why God created us and how we can know Him. And it all comes down to love.

The course is designed to be easy to lead and participate in. It makes use of lots of questions that deal with some of the more significant issues of life: who are we? Who did God create us to be? What is love? The course generally runs in homes over coffee and a bit of food. It’s not intimidating and there is no compulsion, ever. You won’t be asked for money or to join a church. It’s simply a course to learn together about God and who He created us to be.

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